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Combat&Army R2.0
Datum07.09.2011 23:21:48
Dateigröße0 B
Engine-VersionClonk Rage (3047 mal runtergeladen)
BeschreibungProject site :
A ScenarioPack of Combat&Army, You can try to eliminate an enemies at the city, or at the train. Or, You can try to creating your own strategy at the sky base! Creating towers, plane, or trading? And the last, you can test your skills at the competition! Competition rule, CMC Enemy KI, and much more! :D

Your way, you chooice..
CMC Object
Hazard 2.0
C&A Object
I hope you can enjoy the ScenarioPack! ^^

Much fun,


6 Kommentare

14.09.2011 12:34 von ala:
Well, the thing is that we have a history of archiving data. If done right we can still access your pack 10 years from now :) (you can actually download packs for Clonk Planet from around 2001 on CCAN, and CC Stuff at least from around 2003).

It always almost breaks my heart if a lovely scenario pack disappears from the net.

12.09.2011 11:57 von ClonkerAbi:
So, just download at googlesite's link :p
And, thanks for downloading the C&A pack! ^^

10.09.2011 11:49 von Drome:
File size is 0 Bytes and the internal link results in Error 404. It seems that your upload to CC has failed somehow. The googlesites link works for me. Oh, and maybe a bit more Author.txt for things from other people and German translations (many players of Clonk can not write/read English properly (my experience; not to generalize)) would be appropriate.

10.09.2011 6:31 von ClonkerAbi:
hm? not worked?
It's worked.. If it's really not works : try to the Project Site, and then search the download link..  o:

09.09.2011 22:19 von Pitri:
Der interne Link funktioniert nicht :c

08.09.2011 0:12 von Tyron:
Uploaded on the CC although everything is in German, well done :)