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Zeit16.04.2014 11:18:49
KategorieSonstiges: Sonstiges

Sorry, I will write this in english only. This Idea here shall be a ever extending list of engine features I would like to have for a theoretical "Golden Zap Edition Engine"

Would be great of course if somebody with C++ Skills and the passion to build on Clonk could make this. Otherwise I might touch the Clonk Rage Code myself in a more distant future. There is also a good chance that some of these things have already been done in OC - if so, even better!

Feel free to suggest your own ideas as a comment or new entry altogether!

First and foremost some backporting of network code / etc. from OC to CR would be needed I guess (Or alternatively: Forward-Porting of CR Features into OC!)

- Frontend: error on Scenario properties when using Landscape.txt + Custom Materials
- Network game: maxfileloadsize much higher and show appropriate error if too low
- Please play sounds centered to the active clonk, not centered to the current screen. It makes sounds awkardly silent when playing e.g. in big resolutions and at the edge of the screen
- Why only .wav for Sound()?

Engine Features:
- 100 Eur to the one who builds a clonk frontend like CE has (player mode / developer mode) but for CR, including the CR-ingame-only-features (lobby, chat, foldermap, etc.). No joke!

- Load Script files inside System.c4g/Subfolder - would be extremly useful to help organise code (e.g. one file for each function)
- pObj->localvariable = 123;
- Ways to hook into or override various engine created content (e.g. Scenario Disasters Section, Vegetation placement, etc.)
- Configurable Splash sound for lava pls (when objects fall in lava) :-)
- How about not using index 0 as materialindex? It makes many things way more complicated (0 should be "any" material in function parameters)
- void datatype for declaring no return values for funcs
- Animated liquids plz! (example: animation abilities in minecraft resources packs)
- http sockets plz! :D
- We got SetSkyAdjust() and SetMatAdjust() but no SetObjAdjust() :(
- Allow ingame transitions for Skies (Awesome for Day/Night sky, Weather dependent Sky)
- Datatype "any" (e.g. InArray(any elem, array myArray))

Other Features:
- System.c4g cleanup - organize script code by category (like categorized in the documentation)

To document:
- Scenario.txt  Min,Max,Random Values (e.g. landscape width)
- C4Id()

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17.09.2014 0:13 von Soterotu:
Die Idee find ich ja an sich Bombe nur leider is C++ so die einzige Programmiersprache der ich noch nich so mächtig bin, zumal sich in den SourceCode reinlesen vermutlich ne scheiß Arbeit ist.

Was mir immer gefehlt hat grade wenns um so Klassengeschichten ging eine:

GetGraphic() und GetGraphicID() Funktion

16.04.2014 11:22 von Tyron:
Dunno if this is the right place or the forum o.O

Since OC is deviating strongly from CR I'm not sure if back-porting or foward-porting is easier.
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