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Hi, clonkers..
This is an preview of 'Combat & Army' scenario pack.
It's have a preview of ArmyWar, TheCity, SkyWar, And Train scenario. Combat & Army scenario pack is required 'Hazard','ModernCombat' to play.
To download it, just search at CFPI project :)
Where is CFPI url? It's can be seen at 'links' page in Clonk-Center





3 Kommentare

22.09.2011 13:48 von ClonkerAbi:
>aircraft graphics

It's from Limeox

22.09.2011 13:29 von ClonkerAbi:
Hm, maybe later.. Now, I still continuing my project 'Quest'. After that project is finished, maybe I'll come back working at 'CombatArmy' ^^

21.09.2011 14:50 von Philip:
Nice aircraf graphic as CA-SkyWar ^^

You should try to translate better. If you can't, you can ask someone.